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Commercial Intruder Alarms


Hoot Fire & Security install Intruder Alarm Systems across all sectors. We have extensive experience working specifically with warehousing, distribution, logistics, retail, museums, historic and listed buildings, education and further education, leisure as well as offices.

With Crime an inevitable part of everyday life we want to help you offer the best protection for your business, it’s premises, your staff and it’s contents. For commercial properties the majority of insurance companies insist a Security Alarm fitted that is Grade 2 or 3 as a requirement of insurance cover. We carry out a comprehensive risk assessment and combined with our expert knowledge design and install robust and comprehensive integrated systems to the required grading, to meet your requirements and to protect your business.

Our premier installed Intruder Systems have powerful reporting with a multitude of unique features that can be tailored to your requirements, offering you the most robust protection. For example the reporting function can be set to trigger out of hour access to prevent internal theft, as sadly a large number of thefts are carried out internally. Or the perimeter of a building can be alarmed detecting onsite intrusion before an intruder attempts to gain access to a building.

Hoot Fire & Security install Fire Systems, Access Control, CCTV all compatible with Intruder Alarm Systems and alongside monitoring and maintenance packages. Please contact us or call 01623 753 782 we would be delighted to design a System that works for you.